Feng Shui

20130424015932Feng Shui is an information system which reveals how a home or work place can affect health, relationships and self-actualization. Our experience in life cannot be isolated from the language of our environment. Where we are is as important as who we are.

Feng Shui explores the relationship of person to place and provides simple, easy to implement solutions for inauspicious conditions of an environment that can tip the balance in our favor. Feng Shui fills a void at a time when we are beginning to acknowledge that our experience of place is integral to a quality life.

With Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, you can change your life by simply rearranging your home. The careful arrangement of the content of any room, from kitchen to office, can dramatically improve your health, finances, and relationships.

Creating good Feng Shui can be as simple as moving your furniture, and as subtle as hanging a mirror or highlighting an auspicious color. Feng Shui can be as personal as your own decorating taste: Once you set your goals and priorities, whether to improve family harmony or succeed in business, you can put Feng Shui to work especially for you.

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